10.28 Today’s Beer On Tap

◎Upcoming event INFORMATION

Announcing the Devils’ Beeroween & International STOUT Day Event!

Date: Oct.29th~Nov.3rd

Beers: Stout, Porter, Imperial Stout, Black IPA, Imperial Black IPA…we’ll be announcing the knockout lineup soon!

Come join the devilishly dark and spooky fun!


This is the starting lineup!!


・Southern Tier Pumking

・Left Coast VooDoo Stout

・Stone 15th Imperial Black IPA

・Lagunitas Imperial Stout

・Stone Smoked Porter

・Shigakogen IBA

・Shiroyama Kokutou Stout

・Baird Black Fantasy

・Baird Surugabay Imperial IPA

・Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale

・Aqula White Ale Citra dryhopping ver

・Doppo Muscat Ale

・Kisoji Porter ~Special ver~


・Swan Lake Porter

・Shinano Kurohime Stout

・Shinano Dragon Ale

・MINOH Imperial Stout

・Southern Tier crème brûlée Imperial Milk Stout

・Stone Sublimely

・Ballast Point Black Marlin

・Stone Baird Ishii Green Tea IPA


ΨSpecial Food MenuΨ

Helloween Dhip    ・・・¥500

Simmered Pumpkin  ・・・¥300

Pumpkin Eden       ・・・L¥2300 S¥1200

Stout Beef Stew   ・・・¥1000

Pumpkin Pie      ・・・¥500


Ψspecial Cocktail MenuΨ

Jack-o’-Lantern  ・・・¥800

Jack Daniels/Pumpkin paste/Tiffin Tea Liqur

It’s Cleamy!


Amaretto/Cramberry Juice/Coke

It tastes like a cherrycoke!


Darjeeling Tea liqueur/Orange Juice/Ginger Ale

Fruity and spicy, pumpkin colored cocktail!