9/8 Today’s Beer On Tap!

This Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th, DevilCraft, in collaboration with AQBevolution, is pleased to present the Japan debut & release party of Fifty Fifty Brewing Company! Located in scenic Truckee, CA, Fifty Fifty operates under the slogan, Find Your Balance. And with 4 terrific Fifty Fifty beers on tap here to choose from this weekend, we’re sure you’ll find your own balance in flavorful brews, too. Come on down and sample one or all of these fine ales this weekend and get a chance to win a tasty Fifty Fifty bomber to take home.

For those who’d like to try all 4 Fifty Fifty beers, you can purchase a half-pint or pint card which will enter you into a drawing to win a bomber of one of 4 Fifty Fifty beers, including the award-winning, show-stopping Eclipse Imperial Stout, aged in bourbon barrels.

A half pint card gets you one chance in the drawing and a pint card gets you two! The more you drink, the better your chances get. But watch out: drink too much and you just may lose your balance. Hope to see you here Saturday and Sunday.

Manifesto Pale AleManifesto Pale Ale

32 IBU/ 5.4% ABV

One of Fifty Fifty’s flagship beers, this pale ale is a delight for those who take pleasure in craft beers and are looking for a brew that they can enjoy a few pints of. Manifesto features a restrained malt backbone with mild biscuit and caramel notes. The hop character is light to moderate with mild earthiness resolving to a slightly more subdued citrus/piney finish.

Rockslide IPARockslide IPA

70 IBU/6.7% ABV

Rockslide IPA is brewed in the ‘west coast’ style with copious amounts of American hops such as Amarillo, Centennial and Summit. Your palate is about to be greeted by a full frontal assault of citrus/grapefruit/pine hop character followed by a granite-solid malt background to round out our mountain of flavor. Grab a pint and let the hop-happy landslide begin.

Donner Party PorterDonner Party Porter

ABV 6.7%

Brewed with 11 kinds of malt plus toasted oats and molasses, Donner Party Porter is billed as a ‘Colonial America’ Porter and one sip will convince you it is indeed a jaw-dropping concotion. Full-flavored and rich, you’ll want to include Donner Party in the latter stages of your drinking session. It is no surprise this fantastic black beauty recently took a medal at the 2012 World Beer Cup in the Specialty Beer category. Google ‘Donner Party history’ if you don’t get why Fifty Fifty says about this beer: “your friends never tasted so good!”

Totality Imperial StoutTotality Imperial Stout

75 IBU/9.5% ABV

Totality is Fifty-Fifty’s award-winning imperial stout that doubles as the base beer for their internationally acclaimed Barrel Aged and Eclipse creations. It features rich dark chocolate, mocha and espresso notes. You will want to wind up your evening’s drinking pleasure with this luscious, velvety elixir. It may just balance everything out for you.

Special thanks to AQ Bevolution and Fifty Fifty Brewing for allowing DevilCraft the first opportunity to present these great beers in Japan. Prost!